The 7th Annual Thyroid Update is an interactive, hybrid model conference for all physicians involved in the diagnosis and management of thyroid disease. It will cover the latest updates in various aspects of thyroid disease discussed in a practical, case-oriented format. The meeting is multidisciplinary in nature with thyroid surgeons, oncologists, ophthalmologists and endocrinologists as speakers. With top experts from India, it is a 'must-attend event for practicing physicians, surgeons, gynecologists, paediatricians, endocrinologists and everyone dealing with thyroid diseases in practice. If you are from Trivandrum or Kochi, you can choose to attend the physical format of the conference. This year the meeting is endorsed by the Indian Thyroid Society, the largest body of thyroid-related specialties in India.

The second edition of the Grand Thyroid Quiz will bring together the best postgraduates in the country to showcase their knowledge and win prizes over Rs. 50,000/-. You can witness the entire quiz in virtual format. Come and join us in this exciting journey.

Program schedule


Are we overdiagnosing and overtreating thyroid cancer ?

9:00-9:20 AM

Dr.Aju Mathew , Kochi View Profile
Inheritence of thyroid disease : implications in family screening for thyroid diseases

9:20-9:40 AM

Dr.Vimal MV, Kozhikode View Profile
Is hypothyrodiism reversible ?

9:40-10:00 AM

Prof. P.K Jabbar , Trivandrum View Profile

Thyroid in pregnancy symposium : challenging cases

10:00-11:00 AM

Case 1 : High TSH diagnosed in first trimester of pregnancy

Dr.Girish P, Kochi

View Profile

Case 2: Supressed TSH in first trimester of pregnancy

Dr.Mohan T. Shenoy, Trivandrum

View Profile

Case 3: Graves disease diagnosed in post partum period

Dr.Girish P, Kochi

View Profile


Laboratory issues in thyroid function tests : what should a clinical know?

11:00-11:20 AM

Dr.Rajesh Rajput, Rohtak View Profile
Diet, gut and thyroid

11:20-11:40 AM

Dr.Tejal Lathia, Mumbai View Profile
Appropriate use of throglobulin and thyroglobulin antibodies : a case based discussion

11:40-12:00 PM

Dr.Subramaniyan Kannan, Bangalore View Profile
Thyroid eye diseae : a pictorial journey

12:00-12:20 PM

Dr.Marian Pauly, Kochi View Profile
The painful thyroid : a differential diagnosis and management perspective

12:40-12:40 PM

Dr.Rony Ruban, Kollam View Profile


1:00 -2:00 PM

Case 1 : Unilateral thyroid nodules : hemithyroidectomy vs total thyroidectony Dr.Varghese Thomas, Vellore View Profile
Case 2: Hurthle cells in FNAC. What is the appropriate management strategy ? Dr.Tejal Lathia, Mumbai View Profile
Case 3: High risk radiology, low risk pathology. Should I operate Dr.Aromal Chekavar, Kollam View Profile