Case studies

Practical Thyroidology

A lady with hyperthyroidism in pregnancy: lessons learnt

09:00-09:20 AM

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Managing a patient with adverse reaction to antithyroid drugs

09:20-09:40 AM

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Managing a patient with Anemia and Thyroid


Dr Vimal M.V. View Profile
Using Oral T3 in clinical practice


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Pictorial Journeys

Thyroid Eye Disease

10:20-10:40 AM

Dr Marian Pauly View Profile
Endoscopic Thyroidectomy

10:40-11: 00 AM

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Balanced opinions

Should people with autoimmune thyroid disease avoid gluten?


Dr Jeevan Joseph Mettayil View Profile
Are all thyroxine formulations the same: what should a clinician know?


Dr Shriraam Mahadevan View Profile
Supplementing calcium in people with thyroid disease?


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Clinics and Labs

A few weird thyroid function tests : How I sorted it out?


Dr Ajish T. P View Profile
Limitations of thyroid ultrasound : a case based approach


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The multidisciplinary thyroid team

Moderator-Dr Aneesh Ghosh